The purpose of Christmas Card Exchange Project is to have students create physical holiday cards or letters for other participating students around the world. The project aims at helping students become global citizens by studying the culture and traditions of and interacting with students from partner countries.

Important: Please read the FAQs thoroughly before signing up.



Students from 8 -16 years old who are in primary, middle or high school.


Students can be as creative as they’d like. There is no “set” size for cards so students can use their best judgment. They can personally design and decorate cards by drawing, coloring, or painting. Construction paper, cardboard, markers, crayons, colored pencils, ribbon, etc., are all great to help make the card as special as possible.

Please keep postage in mind when deciding about the card size to save money. Based on experience, an 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) sheet of paper folded 2 ways to a total size of 4.25″ x 5″ (11.43 cm x 12.7 cm) works perfectly.



Students may explain their own culture and Christmas traditions and other topics such as traditional Christmas dishes, attractions and sights of the country. The goal is to bring a bit of holiday cheer to their peers so it is important to be cheerful and respectful. Be sure to include holiday greetings!


They can still participate, of course! You may ask them to write letters or make a card based on his/her culture’s most important holiday!


Yes. Store-bought cards are great for Christmas Card Exchange Project. However, teacher-advisers should encourage students to add some artistic flair by drawing on the inside of the card or using color to brighten up the presentation.


Based on the final list of participants, the project facilitator (yours truly) will create groups of four based on age levels of the students and/or your school location. So, that means you will have 3 partner schools/countries.

You should send a minimum of 15 Christmas cards to each of your partner school. If you do the math, that’s a total of 45 Christmas cards at the very least. If you only have a few students, you may ask each student to create two or three Christmas cards in order to meet the requirement.

Can you send more than 15 cards to each of the school in your group? Absolutely! The more, the merrier!


The teacher should check local prices as costs vary from country to country. Some schools cover the cost but students may do a fundraising activity to pay for the materials and postage.

Before you sign up for this project, please make sure that you will be able to cover the cost of sending the parcels to 3 different locations. In our previous projects, some teachers sent digital cards instead for lack of budget. Please don’t get me wrong but this is highly discouraged as it kind of forfeits the purpose of this project which is to “create and send physical cards to partner schools”.


Ideal time would be by the end of November so that cards could make it to the other countries before Christmas break. Teacher should check local post office for types and speed of delivery.


The following activities are optional. Teachers should talk in their groups what extra activities they want to do, or other goals they want to achieve.

Suggested Date Suggested Activities
November 1 – 30 Students prepare Christmas cards and may organize fundraising activities.
November 1 – 15 Students send information about their school, country, cultural activities, recipes and photos related to their celebrations in December through PowerPoint presentations.
November 14 – 30 Students may post messages to each other in a forum or online groups such as Edmodo or Schoology; and ask questions about their new friends in the partner schools.

Teachers may arrange video conference with partners via skype.

December 1 – 30 Students receive cards from other countries and prepare display in home school or classroom.


    • Registration (ends October 20, 2018). See Registration form below.
    • Receive contact details and info of partner schools by October 22, 2018 (I need at least a week to sort things out).
    • Collaborate. Talk to your assigned group. Send each other emails right away. Say hi! Plan extra activities. The success of the project is communication.
    • Inform students about the project and partner countries.
    • Make the cards.
    • Prepare and send PowerPoint presentation; communicate online with peers (if your group decide to do these).
    • Send the handmade cards to your partner schools by post.
    • Receive Christmas Cards from partner schools.
    • Show/discuss cards with students.
  • Make exhibition at your school


  • I am just a facilitator of this project. I will be in one or two groups only as I only have 2 classes which can only make so many cards.
  • Once you received your group details, I will be out of the equation. I can still offer support though. I might also send follow up emails to check how’s the project going in your group.
  • I will try my best to make sure that all participating teachers are reliable and team players. However, if they go M.I.A (meaning they don’t reply to your emails), I hope you won’t lay that on me.

If you have further questions, you can reach me via Twitter or Facebook.




If you have registered already, you should have received a confirmation email from me within 72 hours. Please check your spam folder. If not, it is a must that you register again using a valid email address.

Last minute registrants who did not receive confirmation email 3 days after the deadline may consider registration unsuccessful. Thank you!

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Christmas Card Exchange Project

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Author: Melchor Bernardo

Students call me Teacher Mel. After quitting law school, I moved to Vietnam to be with my first love – teaching English! This website is a bit of a copy of my teaching styles and philosophy. I live by the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

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44 comments on “Christmas Card Exchange Project Year 3

  1. Polina G. on said:

    Hi Melchor! This is an awesome idea! I have 60 middle school students from Minsk, Belarus who are willing to share their Christmas traditions to the world! I also sent you an email. Let me know if you need more information.

  2. Hi, Really excited about the project,
    My name: Conchi Quesada, I ‘ll enroll some of my 14 year old students in this exchange, We are a small secondary school in south of Spain:

    IES La Soledad Villafranca de Córdoba.

    How can we know which our partnet school will be? Ready to start

  3. Cathy Priest on said:

    Hi Melchor, I would love to have my 11/12 year old students (100) join the Christmas card project! Here’s my school info:
    McPherson Magnet School
    333 South Prospect Street
    Orange, CA 92869 USA

  4. Hello Melchor Bernando,

    I would love for my students to get involved! I have 36 students between 12-13, and 16 students between ages 14-16.
    Here is my school info:
    Madame Ché (French Teacher)
    BASIS Flagstaff
    1700 N. Gemini Dr.
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004

  5. ToffeeTheFox on said:

    I am super excited for this! Yay! 🙂

  6. Ketanie_Lundy on said:

    +ToffeeTheFox Me tooo 🙂

  7. ToffeeTheFox on said:

    Welp, lets see what will happen! :3

  8. Profr. Emanuel Salvador Reyes Gómes on said:

    Hola Melchor Bernardo:
    Buenos días desde la Ciudad de México, soy profesor de secundaria y mis alumnos de primero de secundaria (32) estamos muy motivados a participar en tu proyecto y nos gustaría empezar desde ahora.
    Los datos del plantel son los siguientes:

    CUMCH (Colegio Universitario Marcelino Champagnat)
    Once Mártirers No. 53
    Col. Cuevitas de Caramaguey
    Código Postal: 14400
    Ciudad de México

  9. sounds fun!!!!

  10. Emanuel Reyes on said:

    Hello Melchor Bernardo
    Good morning from Mexico City, I am a high school teacher and my first high school students (32) are very motivated to participate in your project and would like to start now.
    The data of the campus are the following:

    CUMCH (Marcellin Champagnat College)
    Eleven Martyrs No. 53
    Col. Cuevitas de Caramaguey
    Postal Code: 14400
    Mexico City

    I received your email but I need more information and how to get in touch with you, the boys are already preparing materials and making some cards.
    We wait for your reply.
    Have a good Friday.

  11. Ely Rojas on said:

    Hi Melchor,
    I know, I am late, but I would like to participate in your project maybe next year. I am from Ecuador. Let me know news about you and your interesting idea!!! 😉😉

  12. Cathy Priest on said:

    My students, age 11/12 and I participated in this wonderful project from our school in the US. It was so terrific to see the excitement on the part of my students as we opened the packages from other countries. We also enjoyed the exchange of power point presentations describing our schools and communities! Learning about traditions from other countries is so important and our students loved it. We will definitely participate next year! Thank you, Mel.

  13. Patricia Tobin on said:

    My students from a language school in Spain also took part in this project.
    It was a wonderful experience for both students and teachers. We all learnt something about other countries, their traditions and culture. The oldest students enjoyed making the power point presentations explaining our Christmas traditions.
    Kids were thrilled every time I turned up with an envelope full of Christmas cards. They were excited to read every single card that arrived.
    Motivation in the classrooms grew fast and all my students hope to repeat the experience next Christmas.
    Thanks for your hard work Mel!

    • Trish! My kids had fun learning about Basque Country’s Christmas tradition! Some of the now prefer to call Santa Claus as “Olentzero” ha ha! Thanks for sending the cards and ppts!

  14. Chiara Bernardinello on said:

    My middle school students in Italy took part in this project, too.
    It was a fantastic experience for both students and teachers. We learnt about other countries and their traditions and it was really interesting. For the first time my students realized that they could do something interesting using English. They enjoyed making and seeing power points and they were really excited every time we got an envelope full of cards. We also had a little exhibition at school and parents liked the project, too.
    It was a really motivating activity and my students definitely want to repeat the experience next year. We will certainly participate next Christmas. Thanks for all your hard work and for making all this possible, Mel!

  15. Debra C Palmer on said:

    I teach Health Science to 45 students ages 15-18 in Laurens SC. We would love to participate in the Christmas card exchange and look forward to hearing from you.

    Debra Palmer

  16. Mari Carmen on said:

    Hi, Melchor.
    We took part in the project last year, and I am very happy to do it again!!!

  17. Summer Brannon on said:

    Hello from Elkview, WV, USA. I have 73 students on my middle school Panther team that are excited to participate! This will be our first year in the Christmas Card Exchange. We will be using this as a cross cirricular project by involving English, social studies and math. We can’t wait to get started.

  18. Hey Melchor, let me just say that my students were excited to create the power points and the cards. They were the same age as the students who sent the cards to them but enjoyed learning about other cultures! I would be happy to participate again and thanks for the timeline.


  19. keith bussom on said:

    Hey Melchor,
    This is an awesome idea, I have 131 middle school students from Pennsylvania, USA , (ages 12/13)

  20. Chiara Bernardinello on said:

    Hi Melchor! My older students have already asked me if we are going to take part in the Christmas card project this year!!! They are eager to start!!! and I’m sure the younger ones will have as much fun as we had last year. I would be really happy to participate again.

  21. Doyoon Kim on said:

    I submitted my information, but I also wanted to let you know that while my school is located in Canada, all of my students are Chinese. So I was hoping that my school wouldn’t be partnered up with a school in China as I think it’ll defeat the purpose of cultural exchange.
    The school is Ontario International College

  22. Kacie Sandbrook on said:

    I am very interested in participating in the Christmas card exchange project, but I want to know about how much money I will need to gather/fundraise for the postage. How much do they typically cost? Is there a price range you can mention to point me in the right direction?

    • Anonymous on said:

      Hi Kacie, postage varies from country to country, but I’ve seen $15-$25 stamps in the package sent by my partner schools from the US to Vietnam. But remember also that you are going to send your cards to 3-4 different schools/countries.

  23. HELLO,my name is Iryna,I’m a teacher from Ukraine.I’ve just learnt about your project.Can I register yet or should I wait till next year?

  24. I registered on Thursday or Friday evening.My full name is Iryna Shevchenko,I’m from Ukraine,Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi town.Thank you in advance.

  25. Last minute registrants who did not receive confirmation email 3 days after the deadline may consider registration unsuccessful. Thank you!

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