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ESL Warm Up ActivitiesThese are games and fun activities I use to warm up my class before the lesson begins, to break the ice or even as a time filler.
Ultimate List of Ed Tech ToolsWith so many things vying for our attention, I tried to narrow down ed tech tools that are tried, tested, useful and FREE!
Classroom Speaking ActivitiesThese classroom speaking activities can be done in a variety of ways such as individual tasks, pair works or group activities.
end of lesson activitiesSome closure activities that I like to do in my class that can be used for the remaining three to five minutes of class time.

My Recent Posts

  • 3 Engaging Post-Reading Activities

    3 Engaging Post-Reading Activities

    Finally, we are off to the last bunch of poetry reading tasks in which you could engage your students after doing pre-reading and while-reading activities! Post-reading activities are important as …Read More »
  • 5 Powerful While-Reading Activities

    5 Powerful While-Reading Activities

    After warming up your classroom with pre-poetry reading buddy activities (picture prompts, title-guessing rebus game, and author’s biographical reading capsule), it’s time to set your classroom ablaze with five while-reading …Read More »
  • 3 Helpful Pre-Poetry Reading Activities

    3 Helpful Pre-Poetry Reading Activities

    Most language and literature teachers find poetry as the most difficult genre to teach. To provide a workable and practical solution to this perennial problem, I have conceptualized and implemented …Read More »
  • Boggle Vocabulary Game: Letters to Words

    Boggle Vocabulary Game: Letters to Words

    This game is based off of the game BOGGLE in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters. The purpose of the game is to discover as …Read More »
  • Fun Christmas Classroom Activity Ideas

    Fun Christmas Classroom Activity Ideas

    I absolutely love winter holidays even if we don’t get snow in our part of the world! Coming from the Philippines where people start playing Christmas songs on the radio …Read More »
  • Secret Zombie Conversation Game

    Secret Zombie Conversation Game

    Can students find the safe zone before it’s too late? Or will zombies take over the world? Download this super engaging and fun conversation game now! File type: pptx ALSO …Read More »
  • Creative Halloween Classroom Activities, Games & More!

    Creative Halloween Classroom Activities, Games & More!

    The holiday season is coming, beginning with Halloween so I thought I’d share classroom activities that I do as well as some games which really got the kids jumping up …Read More »
  • Classroom Speaking Activities for Any Language Class

    Classroom Speaking Activities for Any Language Class

    When it comes to classroom speaking activities, I try to give emphasis to real-life situation, authentic activities and meaningful tasks to promote communication. To develop this productive skill, students need intensive …Read More »
  • End of Lesson Activities for ESL Classes

    End of Lesson Activities for ESL Classes

    We all understand the importance of leading in a topic and making sure that students are focused and are ready to learn. That’s why most ESL teachers tend to focus their energy …Read More »
  • Halloween Creative Story Writing

    Halloween Creative Story Writing

    In this writing activity, I prepare 10 of each of the following elements of a story: character, time, place and situation. I have my students select 4 numbers (from 1 …Read More »

My Bag of Tricks

ESL bag of tricks

If you are running out of teaching activity ideas, my Bag of Tricks can help you out! These are tried and tested games and templates that can easily fill in extra time or when you want to give your kids a break from the usual routine!