I have been following ‘Teach it DIY’ Facebook Page since 2019 and am loving all the simple yet effective DIY activity ideas to make my english class more fun and interesting.

Below is the Top 10 DIY Ideas that I would like to share with you

1. Lego Blocks Contractions

This is a really simple yet effective idea for my students to comprehend contractions. I generally prepare the lego blocks and get my student to do the writing and they enjoyed it all the time!

2. Popsicle Stick Pocket

I made this activity as a project to my students. I assigned a category to each of them to think of 10 related words and make into popsicle stick pockets. The students then exchanged it with their friends and they were so excited to receive new set to play everyday!

3. Sight Word Practice

This idea is really great! I recently did this in my online class where I told the students to get a tray and some salt from the kitchen – get permission from their parents of course 🙂 It was so much fun and they asked to do it again next time!

4. Phonics with Poll Noodle

Believe me, this is so effective to teach phonics than any other way!

5. Parts of Speech Grammar Game

This is another must try idea. You may play this in two parts.

i)Distribute the sticks to students and get them to place them into the right cup (Adjectives, Verbs or Nouns)

ii) Get the student to pick one stick from each cup and form a sentence.

6. Teaching Common Contractions

This is a DIY idea that you can get student to do it themselves, they will learn common contractions in no time!

7. Writing Workshop – Stretching Sentences

This is a perfect guided way for students learn to stretch their sentences in a meaningful way. Be ready to see your students unveiled their creativity in constructing the sentences!

8. Guided Reading Activity

This amazing dice concept is really useful for post reading review session! My students feedback that they felt more energetic and encouraged this way than writing a book report!

9. The Water Cycle

My students felt excited, when I did this “science” activity instead of English. My hidden agenda is of course to introduce relevant vocabulary to them!

10. Daily Chores Tracker

The same idea can be used creatively for many other way.

I replaced the “chores” with ‘students names’ instead, and this is a good way to track students participation in the class.

Generally, whenever a student answered a question, his/her name will be moved to “Done”. This really boost participation rate in the class as nobody want to stay in the “To Do”!

Do you like Teach it DIY ideas like us? Let us know!

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