28th Jan 2018

Cool down or post-reading activities are important as they provide opportunity for students to make connection with the text.

20th Jan 2018

Use these engaging while-reading activities: suggestopedic reading-aloud, vocabulary notebook and word wall, think-pair-share and more!

14th Jan 2018

Pre-poetry reading activities can help the learner to be more prepared for what they are about to read and get ready for more complex tasks.

17th Aug 2017

This deserted island survival activity is based off the Lost at Sea team building game in relation to the book Robinson Crusoe in my literature class.

10th Jul 2017

Here’s a simple PowerPoint presentation I made, including editable fingerprints on word document. File Type: .zip File Size: 12 MB   ALSO TRY: DAY OF THE DEAD COLORFUL SKULLS

3rd Mar 2017

Diorama Project for Literature Setting is an indispensable literary element in every story. It is the time and place in which a story happens and it often affects the mood or atmosphere of a specific scene. Exploring the setting and […]

26th Sep 2016

Classroom performance activities require students to perform in front of their peers which is a successful way to make my students speak and use English.

28th Feb 2016

In this sci-fi project, students are going to make paper mache futuristic Earths or other imaginary planets as described in science fiction.

29th Jan 2016

I decided to give my 8th graders a social media campaign project which helped them see the social issues that they or the world is currently facing.