Pictionary Word Cards – 100% Editable!

Pictionary Word Cards – 100% Editable!

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This printable product contains editable pictionary word cards that you can laminate for long term use! Each card has up to 7 words (that’s 700 words total!) with varying points depending on the level of difficulty! These lists are great and simple enough for multilevel classes!

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These simple pictionary word cards can be used for any grade level! You can easily edit some words to suit your lesson or your students proficiency level!

Playing is simple and easy:

  1. Divide your class into 2-4 teams.
  2. Have one student from each team come to the front and pull a card from the stack.
  3. Give students three options to describe the word on the list. They can describe by:
    a) drawing (pictionary)
    b) action (charades)
    c) words (oral description)
  4. The rest of the team try to guess the word.
  5. Points given for each correct answer!

Laminate the cards for long term use! This is a fun game to add to your bag of tricks!


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