Holiday BINGO Party Game!

Holiday BINGO Party Game!

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Have you always wanted to play Christmas BINGO with your class of 20-40 or even more but you can only make so many unique BINGO cards? Worry not because this resource is here to solve that! Holiday BINGO Party Game is designed so individual player could make their own unique set of cards!

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Bingo is a timeless game that never gets old and is always a sure way to make any party a whole lot of fun! So if you’re planning a classroom activity, a school party or just a family & friends get together this holiday season, add some excitement by playing our Holiday BINGO Party Game!

Why is this perfect for a large group of players?

  • Just like the total numbers of balls in a real BINGO game, this fun resource includes 75 vocabulary words related to Christmas
  • It includes blank templates so players could create their own set of BINGO cards. Players can make and use up to two cards for each round to make the game more competitive and thrilling¬† (they can’t blame you this time if they don’t win the game, can they?)
  • It has ready-to-print word cards for calling out words
  • There are 8 clever winning patterns illustrated in a Christmas-themed PowerPoint presentation to make each round more exciting!

And of course, you will have unlimited access to this resource, including future updates, so you can use this activity every year!

So what are you waiting for? Liven up that holiday party you’ve been planning all along with this Holiday BINGO Party Game!

holiday BINGO party game



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