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I think that one of the worse things that can happen to a teacher is finishing your lesson, unit, or book early, and you have nothing else prepared!

This happened to me on more than one occasion in my early days of teaching. I remember looking at the clock or calendar quietly panicking inside.  I wish someone had told me about having a “Bag of Tricks”!

At English Teaching 101, I create products for the classroom that takes real-world activities and turns them into personalized learning lessons for you and your students.

For a limited time, I am offering my collection of authentic and powerful lessons, fun activities, games, projects and bulletin boards that you can start using today or any other day, for a one-time, unbeatable price!

TeachersPayTeachers never really let me offer this kind of huge discount so I’m glad I could do it here on my website!

So stop reinventing the wheel. Save your time, energy and money. Download ALL while you still can today!