Giant Scrabble for Vocab Games / Bulletin Board

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Scrabble is a great game for teaching and learning vocabulary. These Giant Scrabble Letter printables can be used for just about anything: bulletin boards, word activities or practice games!

This Giant Scrabble classroom English activity is based on the classic board game called Scrabble.

This Giant Scrabble set includes:

  • full size letters (A4) and 2-to-a-page letters in PDF format to give you 2 sizes to pick from when creating your tiles
  • punctuation and numbers for making bulletin boards
  • game rules in simple PowerPoint format to show to students when playing Giant Scrabble

Once you’ve made the tiles it’s a really simple and fun ESL game to play.

You can play individually or in teams just like the usual Scrabble game or make your own variation!

You can follow the standard letter distribution (chart included), or you might want to add a few more high scoring letters as some students feel a bit stuffed when they only have a bunch of 1 point letters.

This is indeed an exciting way to engage students in spelling/vocabulary lessons or revision!

Just print on card stock, laminate, cut and you’re ready to go! Students will be able to use these time and time again to enjoy spelling out their words or competing against their friends in a fun new way!