Charades: 100+ Cards with Fun Illustrations


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This product contains over 100 charades phrases and situations with accompanying fun illustrations to help students or players visualize and remember vocabulary words to be acted out.

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Charades is a classic team or group game, easily suited for lots of different occasions and age levels and is absolutely enjoyed by many students! It’s an amazing way to revisit vocabulary or to help students learn the English language while having fun at the same time!

How to Play Charades

You will need a stack of index cards. On each card, write a word or phrase. The words and phrases should be relatively easy for students to ‘act out’ without using any words. Make sure the word isn’t too abstract unless you want to encourage creativity.

The object of the game is simple: players take turns acting out words, with no talking or sound effects. Other players try to guess the word, and the team or player who guesses the most wins.

However, standard charades can be difficult for students. Due to time and team pressure, students sometimes are at a loss for ideas on how to act out the words.

To counter this problem, I developed this product with:

  • over 100 charades cards with phrases and sentences instead of words
  • fun illustrations to go with each situation to help players associate words with something familiar

To “associate” means to create a mental connection, and for most students the best way to create this connection is through visualization! 

Some students with lower (English) proficiency may benefit from this adaptation to the game so that they can join their classmates in the fun!