Most students nowadays are technologically savvy and most of them, if not all, spend a lot of their time online. As innovative teachers, it is important that we embrace this reality and find ways to integrate technology in our classroom.

With this in mind, I decided to give my 8th graders a social media campaign project where they can apply their being rocket scientists while at the same time see with their own eyes the social issues that they or the world is currently facing.

In my EFL class, we first discussed what is social media and its impact in today’s society, followed by an explanation of what a campaign is. After that, I introduced the concept of a social media campaign which is “marketing ‘X’ using social media.”

To fully grasp the concept, I divided the class into group of 5s and gave each group a link of some successful campaigns found on YouTube. After watching assigned videos, each group had to report back and answer in class the following questions:

  1. What is the name and purpose of the campaign?
  2. How many views does it have? Likes? Dislikes?
  3. What are its strengths?
  4. What are its weaknesses?
  5. What are the effects of the campaign to you?
  6. If you will do the same campaign, will you do it differently? How? What changes will you make?

After sharing in class, students had time to talk with their groups to define their “X” and discuss ways how they will present their social media campaign project. Unfortunately, due to tight schedule, my students only had 2 weeks to work on the project outside class and that included planning, shooting video, interviews and video editing.

The following are some amazing videos that my students have done. Please keep in mind that they are only 13’s and 14’s in an EFL class. Corrections were done in the classroom.


Author: Melchor Bernardo

Students call me Teacher Mel. After quitting law school, I moved to Vietnam to be with my first love – teaching English! This website is a bit of a copy of my teaching styles and philosophy. I live by the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

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