Have you ever wanted to closely monitor student progress, but found it a struggle? Or wanted to differentiate learning for your students to give them the best help they need, but found that it required too much planning? Quizalize makes it easy for you to do all this and more!

Quizalize isn’t “just another quiz app”On top of its fun, live game mode, it has a range of unique features designed to help teachers become more effective in the classroom: 

  • ✅ Easily differentiate instruction
  • ✅ Track which students need help + what they need help with
  • ✅ Monitor student performance and improvements
  • ✅ Identify which curriculum-based topics or skills students need support in
  • ✅ View detailed individual student reports 


Let’s take a look at the many ways Quizalize can help you.

Automatically assign differentiated follow-up tasks

One of Quizalize’s unique features is that it enables teachers to easily differentiate instruction for students based on their quiz results. Students of different abilities in the same class can be supported by having their learning personalized to their individual needs

quizalize follow-up activities

As you can see, Quizalize enables you to assign different activities to students depending on whether they score below 50%, between 50 to 80%, or over 80%. 

Based on the support you think your students require, you can assign them YouTube videos, PDFs, web links, or even other quizzes on Quizalize. If you want your students to take the quiz again to track whether their level of understanding of the topic has improved, it’s easy to control this by checking the box “Followed by the same quiz again”.

Track how your students are doing

As your students are completing the quiz, you can see a live overview of their progress on the activity dashboard. On this page, you can access a ton of tools that will enable you to better understand your students’ progress and level of understanding. 

quizalize activity dashboard

Who needs help + what they need help with

“Who needs help” gives you a quick overview on how students are faring on the quiz. At a glance, it’s easy to see which students have performed well, which ones are somewhere in the middle, and which ones require a greater level of support.

quizalize who needs help

“What they need help with” shows you the specific questions students struggled with the most. This is a useful screen to share with your students to go through common errors in the classroom. Plus, you can easily uncheck “show student names” at the top so that student names don’t show up.


Subtopics and skills

The “Subtopics” pane gives you a breakdown on how your students performed on the various curriculum skills that have been tagged to the quiz. In this case, out of the 3 skills tested in the quiz, you can see that the class as a whole is struggling with skill 113.20.21.A the most, and doing better on skill 113.20.21.B:

The best way to make use of the subtopics dashboard is by tagging your quizzes to skills on your curriculum. Take below for example:

quizalize tutorial

This way, you can track and ensure that curriculum targets are achieved on schedule. Also ensuring that students are provided with the best support they need on the skills and topics they are struggling with the most. 

Tagging your quizzes to curriculum-based skills also means that mastery data will be recorded on your Mastery Dashboard, which tracks student mastery of skills over time:

Improvements and results

The “Improvements” screen tracks how much students have improved between different attempts of the quiz. You can also compare their performance on this quiz with another quiz. 

The “Results Table” provides a detailed view of how students have performed on the quiz. It shows an overview of how they have answered the questions:

To get a more in-depth insight into an individual student’s quiz performance, simply click on their name on the Results Table. It will then take you to their individual student report: 

quizalize report

Once they have completed the quiz, your students can see which questions they need to practise to improve their score.

Free Quizalize Premium until August 2020

With all of these features, Quizalize evidently stands out from other quiz apps. It does so much more than fun, engaging quizzes. It also gives teachers the tools they need to supercharge their teaching. Teachers can provide students with relevant, personalized help to enable them to reach their fullest potential. 

To support teachers and students in remote learning due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Quizalize is providing Premium for FREE until August 2020! This means unlimited data tracking to ensure you and your students are able to make the most of their learning.

Simply register on this exclusive link to get Quizalize Premium for FREE!

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