One of the challenges of teaching in a foreign country with a different language is remembering student names – especially names that are pronounced differently than they are spelled. Name Art Project will help not only the teacher but also the students know each other – even themselves – better and faster at the onset of the school year.

The Name Art Project is a short but meaningful activity that is perfect for a unit on family and friends.

Students will research and find the meaning of their name and explore the process of giving names in their family, region and/or country by asking their parents and/or using the internet. After which, they will create a visualization that would represent their name such posters, handicraft, drawing, etc.

You may give your students questions that will guide them in their research and during oral presentation of their artwork. You can make up your own guide questions but I used the following I found on the web about the same topic:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from (Country, city/town/village, school)?
  3. What is the process of giving names in your family/region/country?
  4. What does your name mean in your native language and in other language?
  5. Why do you have this name?
  6. Who gave you this name?
  7. Who was the first person in your family, which has/had the same name?
  8. Which famous persons had your name?
  9. What is nonofficial version of your name (nickname)?
  10. Do you wish to change your name? Why/Why not?

Download rubrics here: Name Research and Art Project

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What do you think about this project? Let’s hear them in the comments!
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