If you want to get your students engaged in the lessons and turn the fun mode on in class, this web tool is for you! Kahoot is one of the latest gamifying apps that I constantly use in my classroom to liven up my warm ups, quizzes and reviews! They raise the energy level of my classes to the highest level – every time!

Kahoot is a student-response gamifying tool that let teachers create multiple-choice quizzes. They provides quick, real-time results and give students instant feedback on their devices without anyone being called out individually. 

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Tech Requirements

For teachers: white screen and overhead projector

For students: smartphones, tablets or laptops

…and of course a strong, reliable internet connection!

How to Create a Kahoot!

  1. Simply have your test questions ready and log in to create.kahoot.it.
  2. Click Quiz to create a series of multiple choice questions.
  3. Adjust each kahoot question if necessary by varying the timer and point system depending on the level of difficulty.
  4. Finally, add images and videos for a more engaging content and/or if you wish to give clues.

How to Play Kahoot!

how to use kahoot as a teacher

Players do NOT need a kahoot account to play!

  1. Launch the game you created on a shared screen (using overhead projector) so the class could see the Game Pin.
  2. Using their electronic device, students will go to kahoot.it and join in the fun by entering the pin. They will have to provide a nickname to see who got what score. I suggest letting them play by pairs or in groups, but if you have a strong internet connection you can let them play individually.
  3. Once you see all their nicknames on the waiting screen, you can click Start to begin the fun!


If students join in using inappropriate or offensive nicknames, it is easy to “kick” them out of the game by simply clicking on their nicknames. Remind and encourage students at the outset to use proper or suitable names to avoid these situations.

Try it now

You can try out this simple game that I created about Jobs and Profession.

  1. Launch this kahoot quiz on your laptop/desktop computer.
  2. Enter the pin using your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Have fun!

Ideas for Using Kahoot in Class

1. Set a Weekly Kahoot Day

I use this Kahoot mainly to review concepts and vocabulary. My students always ask to play Kahoot again and again so I decided to establish a Kahoot day for quick revision and informal assessments. You can download a report of your students performance which can give you an idea where are your students at in their learning. 

2. Challenge Kids to Create their Own Kahoot

You can also challenge your students to create their own Kahoot quiz for higher order learning. I divide my class into groups with 4 or 5 members where each member contributes at least 5 questions about the topic or unit we discussed in class.

3. Break the Ice or Fill the Time

There are thousands of Kahoots made by educators which you can quickly access for free! Play a Kahoot when you have random few minutes to fill, or when students need some energy booster!

4. Play Kahoot as a Warm up or Exit Ticket

Use Kahoot as a class starter – a quick five-question quiz about the previous lesson or as a lead in to the new topic. Alternatively, play Kahoot before students leave the class and ask them a short 3 to 5-item survey or poll about the day’s lesson.

5. Assign Kahoot as Homework

The latest Kahoot feature called Challenge lets you assign kahoots as homework  and is quite helpful! Assigning kahoots as homework saves the teacher lots of time because this kind of homework corrects itself. Also, after a challenge is completed, you can review stats question by question and see the ratio of correct and of incorrect answers.

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Quick Kahoot Links

Play Kahoot Quiz with your students using quick links below which cover a variety of ESL theme-based vocabulary and grammar topics.

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