EdPuzzle is a platform that helps teachers in creating and assigning interactive videos as homework. The platform covers all homework-related tasks starting from planning to analyzing the assignment. By using EdPuzzle, teachers can just sit back and (virtually) watch the students learn the subject and become accountable for their homework. 

What is interactive about EdPuzzle? Teachers can embed questions into any part of the video to check students comprehension while watching! More on the benefits below.

How to Use EdPuzzle!

EdPuzzle brings both students and teachers on a shared platform. We shall first discuss teachers’ tools and then we will discuss the same for students.


For Teachers

The thing I like most about it is that using EdPuzzle is as easy as ABC. You don’t need any technical skills. Let’s assume that you have already created your teacher account.

First, login to EdPuzzle.

Your teacher dashboard shows a selection of popular online video channels. A few of the options available on the screen include YouTube, Khan Academy, EdPuzzle, and TED Talks.

Next, you have to search for the video that you want your students to watch. 

Tip: It’s better that you do your search off-site to enhance productivity. Go to EdPuzzle once you already have the video link to make the process faster.

Once you have selected the content, the site offers you three options: assign the video without editing; copy the video to your dashboard; and edit the video to your liking. The editing option gives your four powerful tools:

  • First is cropping. It allows you to select a portion of the whole video for the student to watch. In other words, you can delete insignificant part of the video!
  • The second option is adding audio notes. You can use this tool to pack extra information within the video. 
  • The voiceover tool allows you to add emphasis or include additional information.
  • The last option is for creating quizzes. Check students’ understanding right away by adding multiple choice or open-ended questions.

The next step is to assign the homework to the students. This highly intelligent web tool guides teachers through the process of adding classes and enrolling students.

Lastly, track student progress. Simply click on ‘My Classes’ at the top right corner of your dashboard and select for the appropriate video and student. It will show you important data such as student watch time, date of completion and test results.

For Students

The use of this tool is even easier for the students.

  1. They join a class using code (or without code if it’s an open class). Depending on the class their teachers have created, they may have to sign up on the website or join the class using your code.
  2. Once in the class, they will watch the video and complete the relevant requirements and quizzes.
  3. The best part is that they cannot skip the video if the teacher has prevented them to skip it.


Why is EdPuzzle a Great Tool?

EdPuzzle is best for teachers because it takes only a few minutes of their time, and no advanced technical knowledge is needed to create and assign video homework. But these benefits don’t end here.

If you are a teacher, you will be amazed at how easy it is for you to integrate all your video-extensive lesson plans across this website. Heck! You can store your whole database of content and students’ progress over here.

Did I mention that the tool allows teachers to prevent the students from skipping the video content? I guess I did. But this benefit is worth mentioning twice. 

And you can also help your students to remain focused on what matters by cropping the video to exclude all irrelevant content.

All you need to make sure is that you come up with great ideas and resources to assign homework. If you have pre-selected a video to assign to the class, you are all set within minutes.

Furthermore, students enjoy the ease of learning that comes with educational videos while reinforcing autonomy and responsibility.

Is EdPuzzle Free to Use?

EdPuzzle offers three plans depending on the need of the teacher.

The FREE basic plan allows teachers to edit, assign and store up to 20. In my experience, this FREE plan is more than enough.

The second plan is the Pro Teacher, which costs $9.50 per month. It gives you unlimited storage and comes with prioritized customer support.

For the third plan, Pro School, prices start from $95 per month. It allows collaboration among teachers, dedicated support, training, and the ability to customize the learning process.

Teaching Ideas

EdPuzzle can help you plan homework for any subject ranging from Math to Science, to English and Social Sciences. If you are considering flipping your classroom, EdPuzzle is one best way to do that!

So, if you are teaching pronouns, for example, pick a relevant grammar video from your favorite channel. Start the process at EdPuzzle, assign, and then watch as the learning unfolds.

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How to Use Edpuzzle to Create, Assign and Track Videos