In this Halloween Creative Story writing activity, I prepare 10 of each of the following elements of a story: character, time, place and situation.

I have my students select 4 numbers (from 1 to 10) which corresponds to an item on each of the elements. The first number is the character their stories are to focus on, the second number is the time for their stories, and so on.

Students should write their numbers on their notebook which they cannot change after. Then I show them this PowerPoint and they take notes of the elements of their own story.

Students can add characters or setting, but their chosen elements should be the focus of the story.

Try this Halloween Creative Story Writing Activity by downloading the file below!

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Boggle Game!

This Boggle vocabulary game is based off of the popular family game in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.

The purpose of the game is to discover as many words as possible within a jumbled square of twenty five randomly selected letters. A valid word can only be formed if each letter is contiguous (i.e. side-by-side, above or below, or on the diagonal) with the next, and no letter position can be used more than once in any given word.

Boggle Vocabulary Game Scoring

There are three criteria that determine the final score of any given word. The base score is determined by the word’s length. Words that are 3 and 4 letters long have a base score of three. Five letter words are worth 4 points, Six letter words are 5 points, and onwards and upwards, one additional point for every additional letter.