11. Personal Artifact Game

If you want to really know the people around you, this is the game. 

Each member can bring or take an artifact of theirs and share stories behind it, explain its value to the group so they know something about their personality. It can be played in groups of six or less to be more memorable.

12. Memorable Catchy Names

Simple and fun get to know you game for kids, Memorable Catchy Names can work best in medium sized groups. 

Each member of the group introduces themselves with a fun adjective that describes them, but it has to begin with the same letter of their name, like Funky Fred. 

13. Never Have I Ever

Want to have an enjoyable time while learning more about your team? 

Sit in a circle of 10 to 15 people, holding out all ten fingers and say things you have never done, and each person who has done that thing will have to fold one finger. The one with the most open fingers can win at the end.


14. Paper Airplanes

An innovative take on the get-to-know-you, this game is a bit unusual. 

Take a group of 10-12 members, ask them to write their names and two questions they want to be asked, make the paper into an airplane and throw it in the air all together. Each person must find a plane with someone else’s name, and then ask the questions on it. 

15.Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt in the classroom encourages the students to work together and know each other more. The exercise involves learners to find things within the classroom or even learn what their classmates did most during the holiday or finding out about anything else.

On paper, print the things that need to be discovered, a space to write a short description and where an item was found. Besides, you can use the custom-made materials for the exercise.

16. String Game

This is an introduction based game, which prompts the speaker to talk about themselves. 

Take a roll of string, cut in uneven lengths and jumble them. Now offer these pieces to each person, who then has to talk while wrapping the string around their finger. Some introductions will be short, while others may go on a bit as the strings are long. 

17. Story Prompts

This game works as an ice breaker with lots of creative juices. 

Take a stack of cards and write a few story beginnings like ‘once I saw a…’ and distribute it among the group. Ask them to create their version of the story, or bring in fresh ideas. The best story can be read among larger groups for encouragement.

18. Two Truths and a Lie

This game enables groups to have fun while getting to know each other better, thereby creating a lasting impression. 

The group can be medium or large, sit in a circle and each person tells two truths and one lie about themselves, in any order. The rest have to guess which statement is a lie, and get to find out about each other.

19. Word Chain

This game is a challenge to memory as well as an ice breaker.

You get to be competitive as you play in a large group of people, set a time limit and pick a theme. The chain starts with the first word, and every member has to add another word and repeat the words before it too. The game ends when someone doesn’t remember the correct chain of words within the time limit.

20. Lost on Deserted Island

This get to know you games for kids is a wonderful way for team building, promoting cooperative attitude. 

With 4 to 6 members each group struggles hypothetically to survive on a deserted island, where every person has one object that can help them in this situation. Creative and imaginative methods get the most points.

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