Get to know you games for kids are great not only to engage students on the first day of school, but also to warm up conferences, inter-school events, and clubs.

The first day of school is always a special date, a day of stress, joy and fear for both students and teachers.

A few creative back-to-school ideas will help you clam emotions and ease everyone back into the school schedule. First day of school activities help you get to know each other and familiarize both parties with school life. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Get to Know You Games for Kids

1. Candy Introductions Game

This game is great to spark deeper connection based on students’ characteristics.

Arrange for some different candies, associate each with a character trait, and ask the group to pick out five, one of each. Then they can reveal things about themselves according to what each candy is about. It can be played best in a group of 10 to 12.

2. Toilet Paper Game

Pass the toilet roll to the first person and give the group to take as much tissue as possible. Prepare for some laughter as they take what they think they need. After everybody has taken their share, tell students that for every square of toilet paper they tore off, they have to say something about themselves.


3. Categories

An ideal game for large groups, it can be played even by kids. 

Divide people in equal groups, and let them find out 5 or 6 similarities among themselves, excluding physicality and clothes. The group that finds all six from every member first, wins.

4. Word Search

Using your student’s names as hidden words, create a word search with the help of a puzzle maker and place a copy on each desk. Let the exercise begin; engage learners in searching for their names and that of their classmates.

During the task, you realise that leaners get fascinated and this will boost their conversation as they solve the puzzle.

5. Connection Stories

This is an icebreaker for small groups, preferably 6-8 people. 

Each group has to share a funny/memorable story using events that can also relate to their own experience. You can also keep tabs on the turning point of the story. The group with the best story can win the game.

6. Fabulous Flag

It is an interesting indoor game. 

Each member can draw a flag, which represents their passion or individuality, whatever they want to be associated with. It can be an animal, instrument, or symbol of their choice. The group can also design a flag that represents all of them as a whole.

7. Human Bingo

The objective of this game is for students to wander around the room and to obtain the signatures of their classmates who have the facts listed on the bingo sheet.

Once a person successfully obtains a full row (5 in a row), whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, he or she shouts “BINGO!” and wins. This is one of my favorite get to know you games for kids!

8. Four Corners

This game is an awesome activity for students especially for those have a creative streak. 

Each person gets a paper divided in four squares and draws four things about themselves. The categories can be pre planned or spontaneous, but through the drawings they reveal something important about their personalities.

9. Identity Circles

Identity Circles is a valuable game for an in depth personality assessment. 

The members sit in two concentric circles and face each other, pairing up with the person in front of them. Using at least 10 cards each; write your identity for e.g. race, religion, nationality etc. After discussing traits with your partner, you have to tear up one card which is of least value to you. Then rotate in your circle and discuss why you tore that one trait with the new partner.

10. Interview Games

The aim of this game is to collect maximum information with precise and direct questions conducted one on one. 

Each pair has one interviewer and one subject; the former asking 3-4 well designed questions that uncover interesting facts from the latter, within a set time limit. Both partners get the chance to be interviewed.

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