5th Nov 2016

The teacher slowly removes the squares while students take turn guessing what is the picture hidden behind it. The student who guesses the right word wins the game.

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Hidden Pictures (3055 downloads)


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Author: Melchor Bernardo

Students call me Teacher Mel. After quitting law school, I moved to Vietnam to be with my first love – teaching English! This website is a bit of a copy of my teaching styles and philosophy. I live by the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

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4 comments on “Hidden Picture ESL Game

  1. Really interesting & helpful
    thanks a lot
    with my wishes of more progressive .

  2. Francis on said:

    Hi there Mel,

    I love this particular game for presenting vocabulary. I’d love to try it with my students, except I’m an IT dinosaur. How do I insert a picture behind those squares? I’ve tried a couple of different ways, but they didn’t work. Please help.

  3. Hi Mel, thanks for sharing my preschool students love it.

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