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    Melchor Bernardo

    Mention your favorite vocabulary activities and a short instructions to help other English teachers.



    Hi Mel, I love your blog so much! Very helpful and user-friendly!

    One vocabulary game that I do in my class (which I haven’t read in your posts) is called Concentration.

    Divide the class into small groups. Each group is given a set of cards which are spread out on the table face-down. The sets are made up of two kinds of cards: word cards + definition/picture cards. Students in turn pick up a card, turn it over, and try matching it to its corresponding card. If there’s no match, the cards are returned to their original place on the table and play passes to the next student. If a match is made, the student keeps the pair and tries to make another match. Once all the cards are matched, the winner is the player who has matched the most number of cards.

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