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    Melchor Bernardo

    How do you manage teaching very large classes effectively? What advice would you give a new or struggling teacher?


    Greg Brodbeck

    Thanks for bringing this up Mel. I believe classroom management plays a vital role in teaching and learning so here’s my two cents about this:

    1. Spend the first few weeks focusing on procedures instead of content. You will make the time lost up through increased productivity throughout the year.

    2. Use seating charts. It will make it easier to learn student names. Assign the seating charts either alphabetically or randomly, and change them up occasionally.

    3. Have specific procedures for managing work flow. How will you distribute/collect papers? How will you handle restroom requests? Think this all through ahead of time.

    4. Clearly communicate classroom behavior expectations and procedures. Take some time every day for the first few weeks to rehearse how students enter/leave class, turn in work, etc.

    Hope this helps!



    Be fun! Show you have a sense of humour, but also have interesting, engaging & interactive activities to help learn/consolidate a topic (btw- writing down slides from PowerPoint is NOT interesting!). Ask them how they like to learn. This shows them that you value their opinions. Find the common theme & put your lessons there – you’d be crazy not to because they have given you the secret key to their learning! Create games or have THEM make the games, if you want them to take notes, you could break them into sections (max of 3 sentences per section), number them & then sticky tape them around the room. Expect to have some working noise for this & for extra ‘Awesome Teacher’ bonus points, play them some music while they work.I use these and many more strategies everyday in my classes to make my life infinitely easier! But that’s just me!

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