In this project, you will be working in pairs to create your own country from scratch. You will also choose a type of government for your country.  Your final product will be a brochure and a PowerPoint presentation about your own country and government and present it to the class. Use your imagination and the following guidelines.

Naming Your Country

Research the official names of different countries to get an idea how to name your country. For example, the official name of my country is Republic of the Philippines.

Use one of these “official” prefixes to name your country:

  • Independent Republic of …
  • United Federation of…
  • Dominion of …
  • Kingdom of …
  • Union of …
  • Queendom of …
  • Empire of …
  • Sovereign State of …
  • People’s Republic of…
  • United States of …

Design A Flag & Choose a Motto

Many countries have a motto that consists of just three words. Come up with three words that sum up your hopes for your country. America’s motto, for example, is “In God We Trust”.

Choose an emblem or symbol such as stars, stripes, etc that best represent your own country. Keep it simple. Pick some symbolic colors and add decorative motif.

Map It Out

Create your own country project map

Create a map of your country, decide how large or small it should be. Does it have a coastline? Does it border another country? Is your country an island? Where in the world is it located?

For example, Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia with a long coast along South China Sea, it borders China in north, it has a long border with Laos and borders Cambodia in southwest. 

Set Up a Government

government systems web quest

Choose your capital city, currency and the kind of government your country will have. Define your government.

Government Types to Choose From:

  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Direct Democracy
  • Representative Democracy
  • Dictatorship
  • Oligarchy
  • Theocracy
  • Communism
  • Socialism

Characteristics of your Government

List 7 characteristics of your government type

  • How do leaders become leaders?
  • Who holds power and makes the decisions in the government?
  • How are the people’s views taken into account? (Does your government respect people’s opinion? How?
  • How does the government raise money? (You should know the economic system of your country. Is it communist, socialist, capitalist, etc? Explain how your country makes money (taxes), and what it does with that money to serve the citizens. How does it spend its money? For hospital and education for example?
  • Add 2 more characteristics or facts about your government. (What kinds of holidays will you have, how often will you celebrate them? Does your country have secrets?)
  • What is one benefit (positive thing) of your country’s government?
  • What is one drawback (negative thing) of your county’s government?
  • Name a country in the world that has your type of government.


Create your own country project presentation

You will be presenting your country’s project to the class.  Make sure that everyone in the group takes part in the presentation. 

You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.

Be sure that you present all the information in your brochure. Each group member should be prepared to answer a variety of questions.

Make sure you can explain your ideas and why they would work in a realistic world.

Have fun with it and be comfortable.

Sample Presentations

Remember: be good to your people, they are your greatest asset. If you are mean or unfair to your citizens they could revolt and form their own government.

Make your brochure look creative, organized, neat, and polished.

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