Every teacher has his or her favorite tools and websites, but there is one great tool that has been long overlooked by teachers across the world: Classtools.net. 

Yes, I know the website’s design leaves a lot to desire but if you can look past its design flaws, you will find a website that can be a great addition to your teaching resources. 


Here are some useful resources found in Classtools.net!

Arcade Game Generator

arcade game generator

With Arcade Game Generator, you can make your test more interesting by turning it into a game. Simply type in all the questions and the corresponding answers into the text box and the tool will turn them into five interesting quizzes!

For example, you can turn a test into a Pac-Man styled quiz on Classtools.net! Guaranteed to make any boring test more appealing to the kids!


Classtools.net fakebook generator

As you might have deduced from the name, it allows you to create a fake Facebook profile. 

Wait… what benefit does that have for a teacher? Let me tell you!

As an example, let us take social studies. Instead of asking the student to write a conventional biography report, you can ask them to create a Facebook profile about the famous individual, whether it is a president, founding father, war hero or inventor. It does not have to stop there; you can ask your students to use Fakebook to create a timeline of any moment in history, detail a movie plot and more. 


Random Name Picker

Classtools.net random name generator

Say goodbye to the struggle of picking a student for a task! With Random Name Picker, all you have to do is enter the names and it will add them to a spinning wheel that chooses a student at random. 

Image Reveal

Classtools.net image reveal generator

Test your students’ general knowledge with this simple game. Image Reveal partially obscures an image on the screen and makes your students guess who is behind the image!

Countdown Timer

countdown timer classtools.net

The name is self-explanatory. This handy little tool allows you to set timers for the classroom. The tool shows the time winding down and shows students how much time they have for the task. With huge numbers and a bright design, it is hard to miss!


Classtools.net brainy box

You can make a 3D cube that comes complete with media and text. Each cube can cover a different theme which can help challenge your students to keep a topic within six areas.

SMS Generator

Classtools.net SMS generator

Recreate an SMS conversation between 2 war heroes or between fictional characters using SMS Generator. Quite simple to use, the final work can be embedded in your blog or simply saved for further tinkering in the future. 

Connect Fours Quiz Generator

Classtools.net four corners

Ever watched the BBC Only Connect quiz? This is pretty much the same concept. Create a wall of sixteen cubes. The students can then try to spot the connections between four keywords and connect four! 


Keyword Checker

Classtools.net keyword checker

With this great Classtools.net resource, you can copy an entire essay and paste it into the text box on the site. It will then give a list of the top keywords used in that particular article, what words have not been used, and tops it off with an overall rating in the form of a percentage. These keywords can be organized under headings if you need better organization. 

To use it as efficiently as possible, sit down and discuss with your students as to what key themes will be covered under the essay (this affords plenty of breath), and which keywords, quotes, stats and phrases the students must strive to include in their piece. 

The students can then take the list with them and use it alongside the Keyword Checker to structure their essay well and follow the agreed format before submitting it to you. Safe to say, it is pretty handy!

QR Treasure Hunt Generator

qr code generator classtools.net

Smartphones are often accused of distracting students but with QR Treasure Hunt Generator, you can use the same devices to spark a treasure hunt! Type down your questions, convert them to QR codes and stick the codes around the school. Send the students off to find the questions and answer them!

Invigilation Calculator

Classtools.net exams timer

Have you ever stressed about getting the exam timing wrong? Not anymore thanks to Invigilation Calculator. It helps you accurately decide when an exam finishes and accounts for students who are permitted additional time.

Certificate Generator

Classtools.net certificate maker

Create some realistic certificates that you can award your pupils when they perform well!

“Drag and Drop” Quiz Generator


Drag and Drop” quizzes are great at making lessons more interesting but are a pain to make. This generator is here to simplify that task. Just write down your questions and click enter!


Classtools.net badge maker

All students love a badge; it gives them a sense of belonging and importance. Classtools.net helps you design a custom badge that you can use to celebrate a person or an event.

Turbo Timeline

timeline maker

Turbo Timeline helps you create animated 3D timelines of events in the form of an arcade racing game.

Newsfeed Generator

Just enter the main points you wish to discuss with your students and this interesting tool will turn them into a ‘race against the clock’ newsfeed. This will help your pupils learn to take notes as quickly as possible! 

Tarr’s Toolbox

The man himself! The Classtools.net’s owner has put together a great list of freely available resources that teachers can use to enhance their teaching skills and get their message across better. Highly recommended that you check it out.

Hexagon Generator

Want to teach students how to identify links and patterns? The Hexagon Generator is a great tool for that. Enter the items and the tool will turn them into hexagons for categorization. 

Breaking News Generator

newsfeed generator

Everybody is familiar with the breaking news template used by news companies across the world. With Breaking News Generator on Classtools.net, you can create a breaking news screengrab for any moment!


Play Your Dates Right

If you are a history teacher, this interactive quiz is a great way to teach your students which events happened in which sequence. You will have three events in different orders and your students will have to guess which the correct order is!


Classtools.net EyeSay!

EyeSay! takes the concept of Keyword Checker a step forward. It helps students who have issues with an article’s style and structure. As with the aforementioned tool, a student has to simply copy and paste the article into the text box. But instead of an analysis of the keywords, the tool gives you a very in-depth analysis on quotes, stats, variety of vocabulary, the connection between paragraphs, and the length of the sentences in the article. 


PowerSearch quickly searches through hundreds of classroom tools to help you find the right one instantly. 

Citation/QR/ShortURL Generator

Most citation generators require you to do most of the work. Not this little guy on Classtools.net. All it needs is the web address or a few keywords to get going.

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Classtools.net is a powerful teacher toolbox with over 40 useful tools!