Classroom Screen is a perfect tool for Teachers!

I’ve been using Classroom Screen since 2018 and I’m definitely in love with this simple yet super useful teacher resource for some fun in my class! This fantastic tool was developed by Laurens Koppers, a teacher from the Netherlands, who wanted to use a free and simple tool to help his students focus more on their work. Classroom Screen has more than 10 useful widgets that you can project or screen share from your computer.

What is Classroom Screen?

Classroom Screen widgets

Classroom Screen have the most widgets that are commonly needed by teachers, making it one-stop for essential tools that teachers always use. With Classroom Screen, teachers no longer have to visit multiple sites in order to launch different tools such as timer, name picker, notepad, etc at the same time. 

Updated : Some teachers asked if this work for online platform like Zoom, Microsoft TEAMS, the answer is YES, OF COURSE! It is basically an internet website that you open via your favourite internet browser and just share the screen during your lesson! Read on for details.

How does Classroom Screen work?

how does Classroom Screen work
  1. Launch your web browser. While the Chrome browser is recommended, it works in any browser, even on your smartphone.
  2. Visit Your browser now turns into an interactive board and has the capability to display various tools at the same time. 
  3. Project it on a screen in your classroom and use during any part of your lesson!  If you are doing an online lesson, just share your screen of the web browser and your students will see it!

What can you do with Classroom Screen?

There are a number of built-in digital widgets teachers can project onto a screen for the entire class:

1. Work Symbols

Silence work symbol + stunning penguin background

These awesome icons are a great way to set classroom expectation for an activity. These symbols remind students of the level of noise required while doing an activity, whether it is in Silence, Whisper, Ask Neighbor or Work Together. 

2. Clock & Calendar

A simple clock that also shows a calendar. No more asking what time or date it is! 

3. Timer

This opens a simple hour-glass timer that you can set for however long you want and it will count down. It also includes a lap timer and a stop watch, for PE teachers, as well as a loop function.

4. Traffic Light

Widgets: Traffic Light, Clock & Timer
Background: Golden Gate Bridge

The traffic light is a great visual reminder to show the current classroom condition. In my classroom, green means work, yellow means get ready, and red is stop whatever you are doing.

5. Text/Word Pad

It’s like a sticky word pad where you can write something such as additional work instructions that you want the class to follow.

6. Sound/Noise Monitor

An efficient tool to monitor students noise level!  Allow Classroom Screen to use your computer’s microphone one time then set the maximum noise level you want in the classroom. This tool will show a a red or green progress bar to help your class know when they need to get quieter. 

7. QR Code Generator

Widgets: Word Pad & QR Code Generator

Another cool widget is the QR code generator which helps a lot when you want students to go to a particular link with a long URL! Simply copy and paste your target URL to the QR Code Generator and let students scan the code from the comfort of their seats!

8. Name Picker and Dice

You can type the names of your students directly onto the random name picker or you can upload a .txt file with all of your students’ names. This tool will randomly select a student which is helpful during recitations and/or presentations.  Click to save the inputted names into a text file for later use.

This same tool also lets you roll one, two, or three dice for a random number.

9. Drawing Tool & Upload Image

This widget is specially great for interactive boards. Use this to bring up a drawing screen that includes simple pens and shapes and a graph paper background. You can also upload an image and annotate over it for everyone to see.

10. Languages

Choose you own language

ESL/ELL teachers or non-English speaking teachers will enjoy the multi-language feature. Just select a language then place the desired widgets where students can see it easily. I’m not sure if the translation is correct though.

11. Background

Backgrounds to choose from, or upload your own

Classroom Screen offers different backgrounds which are stunning still photos. A few GIFs are also available or you can upload your own images to use screen background. Teachers can even use the different backgrounds as inspiration for creative writing projects or as conversation starters.

12. Finally, the Duo Widget Function

Classroom Screen duo widget function

One particularly useful feature is the duo widget option, which lets you divide the screen into two and give student groups different assignments. In duo widget function, you can:

  1. Give different instructions using 2 word pads.
  2. Show 2 different work symbols (whisper, silence, ask neighbor, and work together)
  3. Give each group different start and end times using the timer.

Final Thoughts

Classroom Screen rocks! It’s like a magic toolbox, packed with all the cool gadgets that make teaching a breeze and learning a blast. From timers to traffic lights, name pickers to noise monitors, it’s got everything to make your class fun and engaging. And the best part? It’s all in one place! No more juggling between different sites or apps. Whether you’re teaching face-to-face or online, Classroom Screen is your go-to buddy. So, gear up and bring the ‘wow’ to your class with Classroom Screen. Happy teaching!

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