Facebook Templates for Character Sketch

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This is a template that closely resembles Facebook website. Have individual students or pairs choose a character or historical figure to research and fill in the pages for. Students can edit information in the template.

Download Sample Timeline Page | Download Sample Bio Page

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This engaging activity is a modern twist on character sketch or character analysis. With these Facebook templates, students will be able to construct a Facebook profile for a person of study – whether a fictional character or a famous historical figure.┬áThis is a fun and highly motivating activity that will encourage your students to think deeply about characters, encourage cooperative work and great discussion, and keep students on task.

What’s included:

  • Two versions: one printable and one editable (students are given the file and can modify the template as they like on a word processing document)
  • The bio page contains basic personal information, activities and interests of the character
  • The timeline page has 2 sections for “status updates” and 1 for a “photo upload” which will really challenge students to think the way the characters do
  • Each editable template has labels and text boxes so all the students need to do is to type their answer and insert photos
  • There is also a simple rubric which you may use to grade student’s output

Above all, this can be used for any class!

Facebook templates for student activities

Sample work

Timeline with status updates and a photo upload.

Bio Page with basic information, interests and likes.

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